Features And Uses Of Buckyballs


                  Buckyball Toys

Buckyball magnetic toys comprise of 216 strong neodymium magnetic beads. Owing to the mutual attraction between the mini magnetic poles, Buckyball magnetic balls can be combined to form any geometric shape. With the 216 magnetic balls, you will have 216 creation fields. With these balls, you can come up with countless shapes. Some of them will not have any name, as you will be the first person to make them. This article shares some of the features and benefits of the Buckyball magnetic toys.


Buckyball neodymium magnets are very strong which makes it possible to make hundreds of geometric shapes and patterns. This provides the user with good entertainment and creative sessions. Buckyball magnetic building toy is combinatory, exquisite and glossy. These balls can be used to make magnetic jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.

Educational Use

With the help of these magnetic balls, you will be able to improve your perception of mathematics, especially geometry. When these are combined with textbooks, they can be used as educational toys, which will help you to have a better understanding of geometry in both theoretical and practical aspects.

Effectively Stimulate The Left And Right Hemispheres Of Brain

Buckyballs is indeed a cool magnetic intellectual toy. Compared to other types of science toys, Buckyball magnetic toys can stimulate the brain of the user, both the left and right hemispheres, so that the user can stimulate the creative and cognitive parts of the brain. Each side of the brain controls different functions of the body. The left part of the human brain is responsible for logical reasoning, language skills, and mathematics whereas the right side of the brain controls spatial imagination, facial appearance, creativity, and visual recognition powers.

Kliky balls

Mini Magnetic Poles

                     Buckyball Magnetic Balls

Kliky balls is the best selling magnet toy in the market. These are very strong magnets that are made from rare earth magnets. Kliky balls has very good stress relief properties and can be used as a very efficient desk toy. Just like any other decompressing stress toy, Kliky balls can be distorted and deformed to vent out your emotions.

You can use these balls in your leisure time to make your mind occupied and to improve your observation skills. With these balls, you can make your own puzzles and then solve them. This will help you improve your observation skills and achieve success in both personal and professional areas. Order Kliky balls online and feel the difference!

KlikyBalls The Best Science Kit In Town!

Science Kit

                Science Kits In Education

An ancient Chinese proverb describes the learning process perfectly: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Current education system involves memorizing a bunch of facts, and grades people on their ability to repeat these verbatim. However, true education entails conditions that motivate to learn, and a place where curiosity and creativity is encouraged.

Don’t resort to studying from textbooks alone. You may score well on the tests, but you are bound to forget when it comes to applying what you’ve learnt. Instead, try to involve yourself in the topic through whatever means necessary. When learning science, make use of a science kit to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts involved.

When using a science kit, you are forced to apply the concepts you have learnt to create a model. A true science kit can be used any way you want, and should be able to solve multiple problems at the same time. It should not limit you; instead, it should seek to expand your imagination. An excellent example of such a kit would be KlikyBalls!

KlikyBalls are bunch of magnetic balls that can be used to create any design or pattern you can think of. These are no ordinary magnets; KlikyBalls employ neodymium rare earth metal magnets which are arguably the strongest in the industry. You can create any structure you can think of, provided you sit with it and figure out how to do it.


               Science Kit Vs Textbook

KlikyBalls can be used as a science kit to recreate all the molecular and chemical configurations you see in the textbooks. If you find organic chemistry hard or boring, try involving the use of a science kit while studying it! Not only would it become interesting, but you’ll never have to slog through it repeatedly.

KlikyBalls are available in a variety of colors (gold, silver, black, red, green and blue), letting you add detailing to your sculptures. KlikyBalls products are far more rugged than the competition. Available for just $29.99, you can have a pack of 216 magnetic balls in a color of your preference. Apart from using it as a science kit, it’s also good as a desktop toy, so you can play around when you get some free time. If you are not satisfied with the product, return it and receive your money back.

Master Your Skills With Buckyballs


                       Buckyball Toy Magnets

If you are frequent web surfer then you might have seen the new desk toys that are becoming a sensation, buckyball. Buckyballs are small spherical shaped magnets that have high magnetic force induced in them. They are made of rare earth metals for conserving the magnetism in them. Due to their stress busting property, bucky balls are well known in office circles and most office goers prefer them as a desk toy. From the positive feedback we get on the device, it is for sure that they will shortly become the new Rubik’s cube.

The best thing about buckyball is that you can use them for creating structures and shapes easily by attaching one buckyball magnet with another. The only problem associated with these magnetic balls is that they are so addictive, many who have bought them find it hard to leave stop using them. The best thing is that you will be able to sharpen your mind by playing with these magnetic toys. Since you can make any shapes and structures by attaching one buckyball to another, you will need to use your creativity to create structures.

For starters, create geometric shapes like rectangle, square, or circle, and then move on to creating complex structures like cubes or cylinders. After a significant time playing with these simple magnetic balls, you will have the skills to create more complex shapes. There is no need to spend time training; you learn new stuff as you go along. Some people even use the buckyball magnets for creating designs on the fridge.

Desk Toys

              Buckyball Magnetic Balls


KlikyBalls are a type of buckyball, and are popular in the office circles nowadays. They are smooth and made from rare earth metals, so that they do not disintegrate. The best thing about Kliky balls is that a single set of it has about 216 magnetic balls, so you can make big structures by getting a single set of KlikyBalls. They are available in three different colors, viz. gold, black and silver, however you would need to provide some extra cash for selecting the color of the magnetic ball.

You can get the KlikyBalls magnetic ball in amazing offers, if you order from the official site. So order KlikyBall now, and have unlimited fun with the desk toy.

Kliky Balls – The All New Toy For Stress Relief


              Buckyball Toys

Buckyball magnetic toys are composed of 216 neodymium magnetic beads. These are strong spherical magnets and due to the mutual attraction between the magnetic poles, buckyball cubes can be combined to make any geometric objects. These are a new generation of desktop toys, which can give the user hours of fun. At the first glance, you may not be impressed by these toys as they are a bunch of tiny silver balls, but when you open your set of buckyball toys and play around, you will not be able to stop playing with them.

These balls are also called fullerene balls as they are made from rare earth magnets. The magnetic properties of each of these balls are so good that they can carry weight of all the balls that are included in the set. There are 216 balls in a set and each of the balls is 5mm in diameter. You may have understood how strong each of the balls really is. There are numerous ways to have fun with the Buckyballs. You can make use of these balls to make two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

There is absolutely nothing to limit your imagination. You can make any shape that you can think of. One safety advice is to keep these small balls away from kids as ingesting these balls can lead to serious issues and may prove fatal. Buckyball toys are the best way to vent out your stress and frustrations. These balls can be squeezed, molded, and combined to make any shape and design that you can think of. Buckyball magnets can also be used to make your own puzzles. This is the best way to provide some exercise to your brain. Buckyball magnets can be used to stimulate both the hemispheres of the brain of the user.

Kliky Balls

Designs And Shapes

                 Buckyball Magnetic Toys

Kliky balls are one of the best selling brands in magnetic toys. These balls can be used to mold unlimited number of designs and shapes. The advantage of using Kliky balls is that you do not need any instructions to play with them. These balls are very durable and last for years if used properly. Kliky balls are available in Gold, Silver and Black colors. The price of these magnetic balls is 22.99 dollars plus an additional charge of 5.95 dollars for shipping and handling.

Order Kliky balls and have fun at your office or home regardless of time or space constraints. Order now!

Unwind Yourself With Magnetix Puzzles


               Magnetix Construction Toy

Strong magnetic balls favor many purposes. You can play new games with Magnetix construction toys. If you are fed up with conventional games and puzzles, you need to try Magnetic construction toys. It is possible for you to construct your favorite design structures with small magnetic balls made of neodymium magnets. You can connect the magnetic balls to form geometrical structures of different shapes and sizes.

Klikyballs Magnetix

Klikyballs are small spherical magnetic balls that used as a magnetic construction set. Designed with powerful magnets, Klikyballs serve multipurpose. All you have to do is create a line with the small spherical balls and mold various designs. Klikyball features two magnetic poles, which makes it easy to attach and detach the construction toy designs.

Indeed, there are no instructions used. The fun never dies as you get unlimited, infinite designs. Every time you mold, you think of innovative designs. Klikyballs Magnetix is different from other conventional games and puzzles where you get a single solution only. Klikyballs Magnetix helps you create innovative geometric designs by stimulating the grey matter in your brain.

Improve learning and reasoning abilities

Academicians can use Klikyballs Magnetix as a learning tool where you can explain the basic concepts of geometry. In fact, Klikyballs Magnetix facilitates the molding of two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional geometrical figures of any shape and size. No matter how inept the students are when you deal with science, math and geometry, Klikyballs Magnetix serves as the best learning tool.

Strong Magnetic Balls

                 Uses Of Powerful Magnetix

Klikyballs help teachers to simplify the hard concepts by implementing fun learning. There are limitations in using a projector or any other common teaching aid. In fact, it does not make any difference as children are used to these types of teaching methods. However, Klikyballs Magnetix is an innovative method that is uncommon. You can gain the attention and participation of the entire class as fun learning always works wonders!  Klikyballs are going to make the difference! Academicians are aware of the fact that the students’ intellectual and reasoning skill differ. To encourage the participation of the entire group of students, academicians can use Klikyballs.

Education experts assert the significance of implementing fun learning through Klikyballs. You can choose from a wide range of colors including Gold, Black, Blue, Silver, Green and red. The base price starts from 29.99 dollars. Get Klikyballs to create innovative magnetic structures and enthuse the viewers!

One Of The Best Ways To Beat Stress At Work

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About Neodymium Magnet Toys

If not properly handled, work place stress can lead to a burnout, and serious mental health problems like depression. If you are having problems dealing with work-related stress, you need to figure out a way to distract yourself from the office problems for a while. Leading a healthy life style, regular exercise, taking a much needed vacation, etc can always help. You can also distract yourself from the work pressure by indulging in some fun games like Sudoku or magnetic construction toys.

How magnetic construction toys help in reducing work stress?

One of the best ways to beat work stress is to take a break from your work as well as the work-related worries. But, you will soon find that you cannot shut your mind off from all those work-related problems even for a minute. So, you need a distraction. The magnetic construction toys are the best solution for this.

Buy a good set of neodymium magnet toys like KlikyBalls. These neodymium magnet pieces are like Lego construction toys. The magnetic force between the neodymium magnet pieces will act as the interlocking structures holding them together, allowing you to construct all types of structures and designs.

Neodymium magnet objects are known for their permanent magnetic properties. This means that the KlikyBalls toy pieces will not lose their magnetic properties for many decades, unlike the other cheap magnetic toys you see in the market. But, these neodymium magnet pieces are very small in size and therefore, come with the safety warning that you should keep them away from children because they might accidentally swallow them.

Buy the KlikyBalls toy set


KlikyBalls Magnet Toys

The KlikyBalls neodymium magnet toy set is available as a set of 216 to 2160 pieces. You can get these in colours like red, green, blue, silver, gold, black, etc. They are actually designed as an elegant looking office desk toy, and will look great on your office table. As already mentioned, you get to choose from a variety of colours to best suit your office interior.

It is really fun playing with the KlikyBalls set, as you can create all types of structures using them. You can arrange them to create the standard geometric structures, or come up with a unique design of your own. There are no limits to the number of designs you can come up with using the KlikyBalls set.

Visit the official website to find out about the attractive offers available, and get this fun toy today itself.

Enjoy Yourself With KlikyBalls Magnetic Balls

Bucky Balls

              Bucky Balls Magnets

For some people, KlikyBalls desk toy magnets provide a great opportunity to escape from their boring, mundane activities. These bucky balls provide a chance for you to totally forget whatever is troubling your mind, and instead you can concentrate on expressing your creativity, letting your imagination loose. These bucky balls, each and every one of the 216 magnetic balls that come with the KlikyBalls desk toy set, can serve as gateway to fun and art. You don’t have to be painter or a sculptor to form your own art or shapes using these amazing bucky balls. It is hard to believe such magic can be produced using these simple and elegant bucky balls. You will simply fall in love with them. No words can adequately describe the feeling that you get when you create something beautiful using these bucky balls.

Apart from creating beautiful shapes or structures, KlikyBalls desk toy also forms one of the best stress relief toys. Even the best jobs have tensions and stress. You are stressed to meet a deadline or target. You are worried about one thing or the other. When the stress is not released, it can significantly affect your health. Increased work stress sends the blood pressure soaring. This is why you see more and more high B.P. cases even among youngsters. Removing stress is absolutely important to remaining healthy. This is where these amazing bucky balls come into the picture. KlikyBall magnetic balls are a wonderful creative outlet for stress release. They provide the best remedy for stress-filled days in your work. These bucky balls provide excellent opportunities to blow off steam.

You feel like an inventor or an innovator when you make unique shapes or patterns using these bucky balls. You may get to enjoy many eureka moments too. You can take a picture of your invention or creation and share it on the internet with your friends or colleagues. You can even teach others how to make a particular structure or an innovative shape by providing useful instructions.

Tension And Stress

                     Bucky Balls Toy


KlikyBalls are simply the best magnetic desk toy available. You can use these to create amazing shapes, patterns and structures. You can use these magnets as paper weights, refrigerator magnets for sticking notes, and even for creating beautiful jewelry pieces. You might be familiar with Lego construction toys. The greatest problem with Lego constructions toys is that fact that there have interlocks between the pieces. But, KlikyBalls magnets do not need any such, as they depend on the magnetic force of attraction between the balls to stick together.

So, to create a sculpture, release your stress, or to enjoy these simple and elegant magnetic spheres, buy this awesome desk toy!

Use Buckyball To Be At Your Creative Best


            Magnetic Buckyball

You can see that buckyball is a cool magnetic toy that enables you to be at your creative best. Playing with the buckyball stimulates the overall cognitive powers of the brain. This helps us to perform all our daily tasks in an efficient manner. Be it your office work or routine house chores, you will always feel so fresh and energetic. This is because buckyball keeps your mind engaged and boosts your analytical skills to improve concentration. Lethargy will not stand a chance against you when the magnetic buckyball is at your service. Read along to know more regarding the benefits of using buckyball.

Awesome magnetic ball

The awesome magnetic ball has two spheres. One sphere will repel and the other magnetic sphere will attract. This is why you are able to detach and attach a buckyball to create countless interesting patterns. You will never get bored or tired when you play with the buckyball. This is because you will see a new pattern that emerges at the end of every design you create. This means you simply cannot have enough of playing with the buckyball. Playing with the magnetic spheres prove to be the best brain exercise that you can get. It is not surprising that a pack of these magnetic toys can be like a classy gym to flex your brain muscles.

Cognitive Powers

            Benefits Of Using Buckyball

Facial recognition, spatial thinking, creative imagination and visual mental imagery are things that we do with the right side of our brain. It is believed that the left side helps to improve mathematical skills and ability to grasp different languages, and enhance reasoning abilities. Playing with the unique magnetic toy is in fact the best remedy to enhance all these skills in one go.


One of the most popular magnetic toys that we have around us is Klikyballs. It is touted as a unique desktop toy that can be used to eliminate work pressure. Stress can cause adverse effects and can ruin our office hours. This is the reason why many people prefer to play with Klikyballs to get instant stress relief. You will be able to make several amusing and interesting shapes with Klikyballs. Besides that, you can use them to decorate your office desk by either hanging them to your office wall or just placing them on your office desk. Get a pack of Klikyballs at the earliest and forget about stress!

About Neodymium Magnet Toys

Neodymium Magnet

        About Neodymium Magnet Toys

Neodymium magnet toys are well known for their long lasting magnetic properties. Unlike ordinary magnets, neodymium magnet toys are permanent magnets, and will last a lifetime. Neodymium magnet toys are finding a special place in the genre of stress-relief toys.

Using KlikyBalls neodymium magnet toys

KlikyBalls is one of the most well known stress-relief toys available in the market. These toys are made from neodymium magnet pieces. How exactly will they help with reducing stress? Well, the KlikyBalls neodymium magnet toys can be used as a construction toy.

Normally, the pieces in a construction toy will have some interlocking structure holding them together. In the case of the KlikyBalls magnetic toys, this is not needed. The magnetic force of attraction between any two pieces will be enough hold them together.

When you align these magnetic pieces in different ways, they will hold together creating a particular structure or shape. This is therefore a very creative way of using your free time at your office. But, you need to take some precautions while using these toys. These toys should be kept away from the reach of small children.

Some children might accidentally swallow these tiny spherical balls, which will lead to serious health problems. This is why a clear warning label and safety instructions are provided along with the KlikyBalls magnetic toy set. You need to read these instructions carefully before you start using the toy set.

This is a very effective way of reducing work-related stress at your office. You will be very much immersed in creating a unique structure using the KlikyBalls set, so that you will soon forget all your other worries.

Construction Toy

              Buy KlikyBalls Magnet Toys

The standard KlikyBalls toy set will contain about 216 pieces. This goes all the way to 2160 balls per set. The KlikyBalls toy set is also available in a range of colours like gold, silver, black, red, green, blue, etc. You can choose from any of these available colours at no extra cost.

The starting price for the standard KlikyBalls set is $29.99. You will get discounted prices and many other offers when you purchase more number of KlikyBalls sets. You have to pay $5.95 towards shipping and handling charges.

At the moment, there is even a 30 day money back offer available for these KlikyBalls. Purchase the KlikyBalls toy now to take advantage of these offers.

The Best Rare Earth Magnet- Neodymium Magnets Vs Samarium-Cobalt Magnets


                         Neodymium magnets

Most of the world’s most powerful magnets are made from rare earth metals. The most important feature of these Rare earth elements is its ability to form really powerful permanent magnets. Almost every industrial application, where the use of permanent magnet is necessary, employs rare earth metal magnets. Although extremely useful, these metals are very brittle and corrosive by nature and have to be coated or plated with other metals (usually nickel) to increase their strength. This is to avoid chipping or breakage when in use.

Two main kinds of rare earth magnets are neodymium or samarium-cobalt. Both are alloys made of metals considered rare and precious years ago. This was back in the time when the periodic table was just being processed and modern methods of mining were not present. Today, even though these metals are neither rare nor precious, they still retain the same name.

Samarium-cobalt alloy was the first rare earth magnet to be invented back in 1970s. Since  then, they have been used only in limited variety of ways because of their expensive production costs and very unstable properties. In addition, this alloy is too brittle, which makes it susceptible to breakage and chipping at the slightest impact. Since this material has a high curie point and is resistant to oxidation, these magnets only find applications in areas that require strong magnetic fields at high temperatures. These magnets find use in spectrometers, and electric motors of racecars.

Neodymium was invented nearly a decade later, as modern industries demanded use of stronger magnets. These metals were both strong and compact and offered more magnetic field strength than any other metal on earth! They are mixed with other metals, polymers or lacquers, making them easier to produce when compared to other rare earth metals. This reduced cost of production made Neodymium a lot cheaper than samarium-cobalt. Today they find application in headphones to hard disk drives and electric motors.

Rare earth magnets were crucial in developing the new era of industrialization because of their amazing strength, high resistance to temperature and extensive applications they are used for. Your choice of magnet depends on the application you intend to use the magnet for. If you want high magnetic strength at low temperatures, neodymium is the way to go. On the other hand, if you desire to have high magnetic strength in a high temperature environment, Samarium-cobalt is your best bet! In this light, let us see an overview of a Bucky ball type desk toy named Kliky Balls.

high temperature environment

                     Industrial magnets

Kliky Balls

Kliky balls is a set of 216 neodymium rare earth magnetic balls. It has the basic properties of a magnet such as attraction and repulsion, which helps the toy users to create various types of shapes and designs. Apparently, playing with this toy is so much fun and addictive that it is now being classified under the section of stress-relieving toys.

The Kliky balls come in various colors like silver, gold and black. Allow your imagination to roam around and create unique designs and shapes with this awesome desk toy! Try it today!