Get Rid Of Stress And Work Pressure With The Aid Of The Unique Magnetic Spheres

Strong Magnets

         Desktop Toy Created With Strong Magnets

Work pressure and stress are like unwelcome guests and can be annoying all the time. Stress can adversely affect you while you are doing your normal house chores or routine office tasks. This is one main reason why you would require an instant stress reliever to beat the work pressure and elevate your mood. The best way to keep stress at bay and enjoy leisure time is to indulge in some indoor games like chess or poker. However, these remedies are not always practical, especially if you are busy with hectic office schedules. This is where you can see the significance of the unique desktop toy created with strong magnets. Read along to know more about the advantages of the instant stress reliever made up of strong magnets.

Instant stress reliever made of strong magnets

You can see that the unique desktop toy is made of strong magnets known as neodymium. It is a known fact that strong magnets exhibit unique healing properties when they are brought into close contact with our bodies. Therefore, we can see that it is an added advantage to use the desktop toy to reduce stress. Playing with the stress reliever toy made of strong magnets will enhance your cognitive functions in a significant manner. This is because both the left and right hemispheres of your brain will be constantly stimulated. As a result, you will be able to improve your concentration, analytical capabilities and reasoning skills. This will in turn enable you to ward off stress and enhance your productivity during office hours. You can use the desktop toy to crush, mold and create countless interesting designs. At the end of every design you create, a new pattern will emerge and you simply will not be able to put away the toy just like that.

Desktop Toys

                     Strong Neodymium Magnets

Kliky Balls

Are you worried about stress and job pressure? Then it is time that you checked out Kliky Balls. Kliky Balls is considered as one of the most innovative desktop toys invented until date. You can use the cute and compact magnetic spheres to create unlimited shapes and patterns. It is great to know that your imagination and creativity will soar to maximum heights while you play with Kliky Balls. Besides that, Kliky Balls are available in a wide range of stunning colors that can be very much appealing to your eyes.

Get a pack of Kliky Balls today itself. It is time to kiss stress good-bye and enjoy joyful times at your work place!

Make Your Leisure Time Entertaining Using Bucky Balls


                          Uses of Buckyballs

Nowadays, most people tend to make use of various techniques and methods like listening to music, videos, playing games, etc in order to free their tensions and worries that happen in their day to day lives. However, it is not practical to make use of such methods inside your office, as it will go against the rules and regulations of the office. For that reason, most of them use a magnetic toy called buckyballs. Playing with bucky balls will provide a lot of entertainment to the people and help to make their lives stress-free as well as tension-free.

Buckyballs is actually a set of 216 strong neodymium magnetic balls, which can be joined together to form unlimited number of shapes and patterns. This is mainly possible because of the magnetic force of attraction between the magnets. Since you can create various shapes using Buckyballs, there is no specific name to the shapes made from Buckyball magnetix toy. Moreover, there is no need of any instructions to play with it, since you can use your own imagination and skills. Now, let us look at the benefits and features offered by bucky balls.

Features of buckeye balls

Since the neodymium magnets are strong, the shapes and patterns formed by using the Buckyballs will not break easily. Creating various shapes and patterns will make your boring time an entertaining one and at the same time, your creativity will also be increased. Moreover, the magnetic balls looks elegant and therefore can be used to create various jewelry items like necklaces and bracelets.

Educational use

Buckyballs can also be considered as a good intellectual toy when compared to other types of science toys that are now available in the market. Playing with these balls will provide outstanding benefits, as it helps a student to easily understand the concept of geometry and patterns. In addition, Buckyballs can also help in stimulating both left and right halves of your brain.


                       Buckyballs properties


KlikyBalls is the best and the most economic magnetic toy that is now available. It is also a set of 216 strong earth magnets than can be used to form countless shapes and patterns. Like any other stress relieving toy, KlikyBalls also has excellent stress relieving properties helping you get relief from day to day tensions and worries. Moreover, it also helps your children understand the basic concepts of geometry. Thus, if you are looking for an excellent magnetic toy, then KlikyBalls is the best one that you can choose.

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
432 $27.99 $0.13 $4.00 $55.98
648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
1080 $21.99 $0.10 $40.00 $109.95
1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
1512 $20.99 $0.0972 $63.00 $146.93
1728 $19.99 $0.0925 $80.00 $159.92
1944 $19.49 $0.0902 $94.50 $175.41
2160 $18.99 $0.0879 $110.00 $189.90

The World Of Magnetic Toys

Bucky Balls

              Bucky Balls Are The Best Toy

Just when you thought the gaming has reduced to digital ones that require you to stare at a screen endlessly, bucky balls were first introduced to the market and proved everybody wrong! They do not require major components, just a bunch of 216 strong neodymium magnetic beads that can be used to create any form or design that you want.

You can play with bucky balls for hours on end because they can be used in a variety of different ways. You can spend all your free time creating new and interesting patterns that can be symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on your preference. All you need are nimble fingers, perseverance and a few minutes of uninterrupted time and you will be able to entertain yourself forever. It does not get old. Unlike other games that can only be used in a number of specific ways, there are no rules to playing with klikyballs (except for ingesting them). It’s like play-doh for adults that you can mould in any shape that you want.

These toys are not for children and are strictly for adults only. Do not keep them in a place where children or pets can easily access them because bucky balls can be near fatal if ingested. There are many possible designs that you could create, however, creating them are not so easy. Opposite poles may attract but like poles repel and this will distort the shape of the design if you do not plan it out before. Hence, creating these designs is more like a puzzle that you get to solve. It’s an exercise in your creativity, imagination and your ability to laterally think.

Apart from creating designs, there are several different ways that you can use the buckyballs. If not anything else, you can hold them in the palm of your hand and squeeze them hard, creating a hissing sound and acting like a stress ball. Bucky balls are extremely sturdy and will take a good beating before they give way.

Neodymium Magnetic Beads

           Why Buy Bucky Balls?

However, you have to select the best brand of bucky balls to enjoy the benefits. Klikyballs is one such example. While inferior quality bucky balls may crumble or lose its magnetism over time, klikyballs retain their magnetic strength forever. They are available in a variety of colors and are available at $22.99 for a bunch of 216 strong magnets.

Klikyballs values customer satisfaction over everything else, so if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product to get back your money. That’s right, complete cash back guaranteed!

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
432 $27.99 $0.13 $4.00 $55.98
648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
1080 $21.99 $0.10 $40.00 $109.95
1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
1512 $20.99 $0.0972 $63.00 $146.93
1728 $19.99 $0.0925 $80.00 $159.92
1944 $19.49 $0.0902 $94.50 $175.41
2160 $18.99 $0.0879 $110.00 $189.90

Awesome Brainstorming With KlikyBalls


                           Buckyball Toys

Buckyball toys are a great brainstorming tool for children, which helps teach them the fundamentals of math and organic chemistry. It can supplement the learning that kids derive at school, making the concepts more memorable and easier to understand. The best aspect of the Buckyball toy is that it encourages kids to try out new stuffs, and gives them the confidence to share what they have learnt with peers.

Buckyballs unit was set up in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, who until then, earned his living as a carpenter. The term “Buckyball” derives from the Danish word “Leg Godt”, which translates as “play well”. It also stands for “I put together” in Latin, which is why the name is appropriate for this toy.

It consists of inter-attaching magnetic balls, which can be arranged among themselves in a wide variety of configurations toform different shapes. Even kids can assemble and connect these balls, to resemble shapes that they know and learn about.Buckyball configurations you build can be easily broken down, so you can start designing anew.

What are KlikyBalls

The newest and most popular avatar of this is KlikyBalls. This is the perfect gift for school going children, and lets them vent their creative energy without getting up to mischief. No instructions are provided with the product because none is needed.

You do not have to be told how to make a shape you are already thinking of. Each of the 216 buckyball magnets in a KlikyBalls set has two poles. Therefore, if you want two balls holding together, just face them accordingly. The balls in this buckyball set normally last up to several years, and that is despite constant use.

Here is a condensed list of what KlikyBalls offers.

  • Hours of unlimited, addictive fun, and something to play around with when you are bored.

    Assemble And Connect

                      Buckyball Desk Toy

  • Practical uses like sticking notes to the fridge, or on any metal surface. Each KlikyBalls magnet is strong enough to snag at least 5 letter-sized sheets of paper.
  • Stress relief for adults – you can knead the set in your palm, for a soothing effect when you are worked up.

It is hard to cut this short, because there are so many benefits to the KlikyBalls toy. Get yourself this wonderful buckyball set, and spare yourself undue boredom and stress. Order now and get this amazing toy set for a price of $22.99 + $5.95 Shipping & Handling. Buy two sets and you get them shipped for free.

Enjoy Your Leisure Time With The Unique Stress Buster Spheres


              Stress Reliever Magnets

It is a known fact that magnets have unique healing properties when brought in close contact with human bodies. It is even better to know that magnets can be amusing desktop toys when stress affects you. Work pressure and tensions can adversely affect your mood and ruin your day. This is one reason why we all look for the best alternative that can bust stress and elevate our moods during rush hours. Read along to know how magnets can be at your best service.

Stress reliever magnets

The best part is that you can crush, twist and mold the cute spheres of magnets to create countless amazing designs. Stress or job pressure will not stand a single chance while you play with the desktop toy made of magnets. You can improve your imagination and artistic skills in a considerable manner while you are busy playing with the compact magnetic spheres. The magnetic balls are ideal to stimulate both the left and right hemispheres of your brain. As a result, you will be able to enhance your analytical skills, reasoning power and concentration. This will enable you to make your working hours enjoyable and more productive. You can have fun and enjoy while you are at office without disturbing your colleagues.

The magnetic spheres are found to be useful for school and college going kids. They can use the magnetic balls to create numerous geometrical shapes as well as designs of different chemical compounds. This way, they can find studies more enjoyable instead of considering the same as a laborious task. One of the most popular magnetic desktop toys available in the stores is known as KlikyBalls.

Magnetic Toy

                  Spheres Of Magnets


KlikyBalls is one of the best desktop toys that will enable you to forget about stress and job pressure. You can use the magnetic toy to create several interesting patterns. At the end of every design that you create, you will be able to find a new structure. This will keep you happily occupied during your leisure moments. You can play with KlikyBalls when you are on a long drive or stuck in traffic. Gone will be the grumpy days when you were struck with stress and boredom. The cute magnetic toy is available in a wide variety of colors. The rainbow and metallic colored versions will be an absolute marvel to your eyes. Get a pack of the unique desktop toy at the earliest. Bid a forever goodbye to stress and enjoy your working hours.

Advantages Of Playing With The Magnetic Science Kit

Science Kit

              Benefits Of Using Science Kit

The magnetic science kit is made of fine rare earth magnets. Are you a high school going student? Then you can use the science kit to enjoy your science lessons without any stress and in a fun filled manner. This is because you can use the magnetic science kit to create numerous aerodynamic patterns and shapes of different chemical compounds. Read along to know more about the advantages of using the science kit.

Benefits of using science kit

You will find a set of magnetic spheres in every science kit. There are two different poles in every magnetic sphere. You can quickly detach and attach the spheres to create several interesting structures. One of the main advantages of using the science kit is that you can stimulate your cognitive functions in a significant way. The left and right hemispheres of the brain will always be active when you play with the magnetic spheres. It is one of the best methods to improve your concentration and analytical skills. You will be able to become more attentive in complex science and math classes with the aid of these magnetic balls.

The magnets can also be used to create countless geometrical designs. Adding to that, you can pamper your engineering skills and create miniature models of buildings, bridges etc. It is a known fact that magnets have a unique healing power when brought in close contact with the human body. Therefore, this is an added advantage of playing with the magnetic spheres.

Do you want to get good grades in your science and math tests? Then it is highly recommended that you use the compact rare earth magnets and do well in your exams. You will never be bored or stressed while learning tough scientific theories and principles. It is the same case when you learn complicated lessons in geometry. Nowadays, a unique desktop toy is available in the stores, known as KlikyBalls. KlikyBalls are also quite similar to the magnetic science kit.


Magnetic Spheres

              Magnetic Science Kit

Job pressure is an unavoidable and unwelcome factor that we regularly face at our work place. This is why we all require an instant stress relief method to unwind ourselves and regain our cheerful mood. In this context, we can see that KlikyBalls are compact magnetic spheres, using which we can have unlimited fun by playing with them. A set of KlikyBalls can be used to create many amusing shapes. A new pattern will emerge at the end of every design we build with KlikyBalls.  Therefore, our minds will be fully engaged and stress will never affect us. Get a pack of KlikyBalls and make your office hours more productive and enjoyable!

Instill Learning Skills With Magnetic Balls

Science Toys

             Advantages Of Using Science Toys

Learning practices a few decades ago were very different. Few years ago, students learned with the aid of Science Toys more popular during their times. Now, a new era has begun with magnetic Science Toys that focus on innovative learning by incorporating fun and enthusiasm in the process! Magnetic Science Toys involve participation of students and facilitate learning in a cozy environment.


Klikyballs allow molding of different geometrical structures. Klikyballsare small magnetic spheres that bind each other to form a wide variety of innovative designs in different sizes.  It is easy to mold two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional shapes with the aid of Kliky magnetic balls. Due to its adaptability in molding a number of geometric designs, it is regarded as one of the best Science Toys. It features durability and is derived from neodymium magnets that are known for their strength.

The powerful magnets made from the alloys of iron, boron and neodymium makes the structures durable and longer lasting. You can easily attach and detach the magnetic balls. They do not break or the color fades, for a very long period. Klikyballs plating also enhances its durability.

Education experts opine that implementing fun learning enhances the reasoning and intellectual skills of the students. In fact, learning should be implemented in a lively atmosphere to gain participation of students. Klikyballs Science Toys enhances the ability of the grey cells and with an active brain, students can score more in science and math subjects. Even a child who is inept in science subjects gets the right support if teachers are willing to implement innovative and fun learning through Science Toys such as Klikyballs.

Magnetic Spheres

             Science Toys Enhance Reasoning Skills

Klikyballs Science Toys aid students to break down the concepts in geometry such as while studying mensuration and in the measurement of various figures. With Klikyballs Science Toys, you can make pyramids, cones, triangles, as well as all hexagonal and quadrilateral geometric structures. You will get a replica of the geometric structures within no time. It is easy to attach and detach the magnetic Klikyballs.

Magnetic Klikyballs come in varied colors. You can choose from among six different colors such as Gold, Silver, Red, Black, Blue and Green. You can order each of the colors and get your models decorated with the different magnetic balls. Children will never get bored of the toy as they can have a number of solutions every time they mold the magnetic balls. The base price starts at 29.99 dollars.

Features And Uses Of Buckyballs


                  Buckyball Toys

Buckyball magnetic toys comprise of 216 strong neodymium magnetic beads. Owing to the mutual attraction between the mini magnetic poles, Buckyball magnetic balls can be combined to form any geometric shape. With the 216 magnetic balls, you will have 216 creation fields. With these balls, you can come up with countless shapes. Some of them will not have any name, as you will be the first person to make them. This article shares some of the features and benefits of the Buckyball magnetic toys.


Buckyball neodymium magnets are very strong which makes it possible to make hundreds of geometric shapes and patterns. This provides the user with good entertainment and creative sessions. Buckyball magnetic building toy is combinatory, exquisite and glossy. These balls can be used to make magnetic jewelry like bracelets and necklaces.

Educational Use

With the help of these magnetic balls, you will be able to improve your perception of mathematics, especially geometry. When these are combined with textbooks, they can be used as educational toys, which will help you to have a better understanding of geometry in both theoretical and practical aspects.

Effectively Stimulate The Left And Right Hemispheres Of Brain

Buckyballs is indeed a cool magnetic intellectual toy. Compared to other types of science toys, Buckyball magnetic toys can stimulate the brain of the user, both the left and right hemispheres, so that the user can stimulate the creative and cognitive parts of the brain. Each side of the brain controls different functions of the body. The left part of the human brain is responsible for logical reasoning, language skills, and mathematics whereas the right side of the brain controls spatial imagination, facial appearance, creativity, and visual recognition powers.

Kliky balls

Mini Magnetic Poles

                     Buckyball Magnetic Balls

Kliky balls is the best selling magnet toy in the market. These are very strong magnets that are made from rare earth magnets. Kliky balls has very good stress relief properties and can be used as a very efficient desk toy. Just like any other decompressing stress toy, Kliky balls can be distorted and deformed to vent out your emotions.

You can use these balls in your leisure time to make your mind occupied and to improve your observation skills. With these balls, you can make your own puzzles and then solve them. This will help you improve your observation skills and achieve success in both personal and professional areas. Order Kliky balls online and feel the difference!

KlikyBalls The Best Science Kit In Town!

Science Kit

                Science Kits In Education

An ancient Chinese proverb describes the learning process perfectly: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Current education system involves memorizing a bunch of facts, and grades people on their ability to repeat these verbatim. However, true education entails conditions that motivate to learn, and a place where curiosity and creativity is encouraged.

Don’t resort to studying from textbooks alone. You may score well on the tests, but you are bound to forget when it comes to applying what you’ve learnt. Instead, try to involve yourself in the topic through whatever means necessary. When learning science, make use of a science kit to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts involved.

When using a science kit, you are forced to apply the concepts you have learnt to create a model. A true science kit can be used any way you want, and should be able to solve multiple problems at the same time. It should not limit you; instead, it should seek to expand your imagination. An excellent example of such a kit would be KlikyBalls!

KlikyBalls are bunch of magnetic balls that can be used to create any design or pattern you can think of. These are no ordinary magnets; KlikyBalls employ neodymium rare earth metal magnets which are arguably the strongest in the industry. You can create any structure you can think of, provided you sit with it and figure out how to do it.


               Science Kit Vs Textbook

KlikyBalls can be used as a science kit to recreate all the molecular and chemical configurations you see in the textbooks. If you find organic chemistry hard or boring, try involving the use of a science kit while studying it! Not only would it become interesting, but you’ll never have to slog through it repeatedly.

KlikyBalls are available in a variety of colors (gold, silver, black, red, green and blue), letting you add detailing to your sculptures. KlikyBalls products are far more rugged than the competition. Available for just $29.99, you can have a pack of 216 magnetic balls in a color of your preference. Apart from using it as a science kit, it’s also good as a desktop toy, so you can play around when you get some free time. If you are not satisfied with the product, return it and receive your money back.

Master Your Skills With Buckyballs


                       Buckyball Toy Magnets

If you are frequent web surfer then you might have seen the new desk toys that are becoming a sensation, buckyball. Buckyballs are small spherical shaped magnets that have high magnetic force induced in them. They are made of rare earth metals for conserving the magnetism in them. Due to their stress busting property, bucky balls are well known in office circles and most office goers prefer them as a desk toy. From the positive feedback we get on the device, it is for sure that they will shortly become the new Rubik’s cube.

The best thing about buckyball is that you can use them for creating structures and shapes easily by attaching one buckyball magnet with another. The only problem associated with these magnetic balls is that they are so addictive, many who have bought them find it hard to leave stop using them. The best thing is that you will be able to sharpen your mind by playing with these magnetic toys. Since you can make any shapes and structures by attaching one buckyball to another, you will need to use your creativity to create structures.

For starters, create geometric shapes like rectangle, square, or circle, and then move on to creating complex structures like cubes or cylinders. After a significant time playing with these simple magnetic balls, you will have the skills to create more complex shapes. There is no need to spend time training; you learn new stuff as you go along. Some people even use the buckyball magnets for creating designs on the fridge.

Desk Toys

              Buckyball Magnetic Balls


KlikyBalls are a type of buckyball, and are popular in the office circles nowadays. They are smooth and made from rare earth metals, so that they do not disintegrate. The best thing about Kliky balls is that a single set of it has about 216 magnetic balls, so you can make big structures by getting a single set of KlikyBalls. They are available in three different colors, viz. gold, black and silver, however you would need to provide some extra cash for selecting the color of the magnetic ball.

You can get the KlikyBalls magnetic ball in amazing offers, if you order from the official site. So order KlikyBall now, and have unlimited fun with the desk toy.